DED Services

DED service is Dubai's Department of Economic Development. It include

  • Registration Of New Trade Licence
  • Renewal Of Trade Licence
  • Amendment Of Trade Licence
  • Adding Partner, Withdrawal Of Partner, Changing Trade Name And Activity, Change Location And Other Changes
  • Liquidation Of Trade License

RTA Services

We provide Road and Transport Authority (RTA) services for the initial registration for buying new car. We helped to re-registration through selected insurance company. Our other services are :

  • Renewing UAE Driving License and Vehicle Ownership
  • Paying for Dubai and Other Emirates Fines
  • Other RTA Online Services
  • Vehicle Sale Agreement
  • Arabic Letters and Application and Various forms and related paper work

Letter Drafting

We provide a quality corporate writing services. Letter Writing is a very important in UAE.

  • No Objection Letters and Authorization Letters
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Complaint Letters
  • Leave Applications
  • Vehicle Transfer Letters
  • All Kind Of Letters In Arabic And English To Various Departments

Photocopy & Lamination

We do photocopying services is required for any Documentation.We quipped with high speed digital photo copiers of different sizes and capabilities. We have different types of photocopying such as black & white copy, color copying and plans photocopying.

Also We provide a best quality lamination service for your Documents. Lamination creates a protection layer over the documents so it protects external damages. There are many types of finishing solutions that are used to protect documents.

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